Developing Negative Associations About Sugar can Change Our Eating Habits


It is so easy to just sit around and enjoy our sweets and other fattening foods when we are ignorant to the affect it has on our bodies. Once we truly learn about the negative effects that these foods have it changes our overall perception. Just like someone who has quit smoking cigarettes, someone who has reformed their eating habits can get grossed out by the idea of eating something sweet at times. Without that negative feeling we get it would allow us to get addicted to substances that feel or taste good like sugar does. To someone who has never kicked sugar they may be perplexed by the idea of someone being grossed out by the thought of sugar. In a way they are right though, the person isn’t actually grossed out by the sugar; they are grossed out at the memory of what they looked like naked (or clothed) when they used to have less control over their diet. Negative associations can be very personal and unique to every person, whatever negative feeling we have about sugar or anything else is our negative association. I also imagine my teeth rotting when I eat sugar too, for me it is also a powerful negative association I have with sugar. 
It is hard to just pick up a negative association over night. Unless someone we know died or we had issues ourself with something kicking any addiction can be tough. Even then addictive substances can still be too much for people to quit. In order to build these negative associations necessary to overcome our urges it first takes knowledge. That means that we must really have an understanding that our eating habits could be bad for us. Even with this knowledge most people will still rationalize what they eat without even knowing it. A rationalization is known in psychology as one of the five defense mechanisms that we can use at times when we are being “defensive.” We rationalize things in our mind to avoid anxiety and to help protect our self esteem. Dealing with the truth can be a hard thing to do because we must accept what we are doing is actually wrong and not helpful to us. That is why everyone at an AA meeting must say, “My name is ” ” and I am alcoholic.”

sugar is indeed an addictive substance that is also toxic to our bodies. By confronting this fact and developing negative associations with sugar we can eventually think about sugar in a more healthful way that is better for both our health and also our figure. Building these negative associations is part of the lifestyle change that it takes to truly lose weight and to keep it off for good. By being mindful of the longterm ramifications of everything we put in our body we put in ourselves in a position to live a healthful and fit life.


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