Natural Adderall Alternatives OTC That Really Work For Energy and Focus

Adderall substitutes

The best substitutes for Adderall for adults are found in OTC supplements, natural foods, physical activities, proper rest, and from sessions with a psychological therapist.

Adderall alternatives OTC infographic
Although none of these can be replacements for ADHD medications or cure Attention Deficit Disorder when it is caused by serious physical abnormalities of the brain, they can help more minor types of focus problems in a more natural way without a prescription. By combining these different methods we put ourselves in the best position to effectively improve our ability to pay attention better, remember things, and learn in a more efficient manner.

Psychological Issues Could Be Destroying Your Focus

therapy Adderall equivalent

Various different mental health problems don’t have to do with the physical look and usage of the brain and instead go back to emotional issues that we’re dealing with. An example of a mental health issue that can be mistaken for ADHD is Narcissism. By seeking out a trained psychologist we can have support in facing these issues that we can help us conquer this mental illness.

Narcissism Can Make it Hard to Focus

Narcissism is an emotional disorder where someone speaks over other people, lacks empathy for others, becomes overly sensitive to criticism, and tends to brag about their accomplishments. Just like the famous image of someone looking at themselves in the mirror suggests, all of the attention is on themselves. By focusing on only themselves it disables their ability to properly focus on the external world. For this reason this mental condition can lead to symptoms and issues that can be misdiagnosed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and can even be mistakenly treated with prescription drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin. Because many of our personality traits are learned from our parents it can be quite difficult to overcome behaviors such as narcissism. By first recognizing where we developed this behavior it puts us in a position of awareness to tackle this troublesome issue. One way we can possibly say our society teaches us to be narcissistic is how taking selfies in an incessant manner can be considered normal by manypeople.  Another way we are raised to be narcissists is how children can be overly praised when we are young as it harbors a feeling superiority when it is not necessarily true.

Over the Counter Supplements Like Adderall Can Help

Supplements closest to Adderall
Drugs similar to Adderall work from their ability as some of the best and most powerful stimulants in the body. More specifically they work by increasing the amounts of certain neurotransmitters in the brain which improve energy levels and enhance our ability to think more clearly. OTC supplements are not as powerful as prescription drugs, but do have some characteristics that are comparable.

 Some Supplements for Energy

Stimulating supplements such as caffeine are found in herbal sources such as Guarana, Yerba Maté, Cola Nut and cacao (chocolate). These over the counter energy boosters do so by increasing the levels of adrenaline and dopamine by attaching to the adenosine receptor in our brains giving us energy. It gives energy not by mimicking the effects of adenosine, but instead by attaching to the adenosine brain receptor which stops it’s effects us making us feel tired. Some of the other best energy supplements over the counter include herbs like yohimbe and bitter orange, while other pills have become banned such as geranium and ephedra. As an added benefit to these natural stimulants supplement companies also add in other ingredients to magnify the stimulant effects such as tyrosine, carnitine, and vitamins such as B-12. Nootropics also seem to help energy boosting pills as well from their possible ability to help prevent a crash of energy. These products though are more well known for their abilities to improve cognitive functioning.

Nootropic Supplements Help us Concentrate Better

Nootropics are safe ingredients that help our brains function more efficiently from the increased connectivity of our neurons. Although script drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin are also considered nootropics along with OTC stimulants like caffeine, in general, when people are speaking about nootropics they are usually talking about non stimulant options like “choline and acetylcholine intermediates” that are legal to buy over the counter and not “smart drugs” like Adderall or Modanifinil.

Acetylcholine Enhancers

Are a type of nootropic which increases the levels of acetylcholine in the brain or is so chemically similar that it acts like acetylcholine in the brain. Acetycholine works within the cholinergenic system throughout our bodies, but more specifically in our brain where this neurotransmitter is involved with attention, memory, and mood. Choline, Carnitine, and DMAE are all examples of supplements that increase acetylcholine levels providing these positive benefits. Other types of acetycholine enhancers include racetams which instead of increasing the amount of acetycholine acts on the acetylcholine receptor thereby giving similar nootropic effects in the brain. The last type of acetylcholine enhancer are acetylcholine inhibitors which stop the break down of this neurotransmitter in our brain therefore improving our cognitive abilities.

Dopamine Enhancers

Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that most people associate with ADHD as it is increased in a large amount by Adderall. Dopamine controls our motivation, memory, and alertness which is why it is so important for helping ADHD and why even people who don’t have Attention DeficitDisorder seek dopamine boosting drugs similar to Adderall for improved studying for college exams and papers. Supplements that can help naturally increase our dopamine levels and thus can possibly improve our focus include supplements like l-tyrosine, l-phenylalanine, and l dopa (mucuna pruriens) as they eventually break down into this neurotransmitter.

OurDiet Plays a Tremendous Role in Our Ability to Pay Attention and is One of the Best Adderall alternatives

Foods like Adderall

Whether we are eating foods that help or hurt our mental state has a tremendous effect on how we can control our focus. By eating unhealthy foods they act in a negative way towards our body in multiple ways. By eating a controlled amount of low glycemic carbs, eating healthy fats, and being sure to eat enough essential amino acids we make our brain a well oiled machine that can boost our productivity.

We Need to Watch Our Carbohydrate Intake

Foods that contain carbs andsugar cause unnatural spikes in our blood sugar levels that can make us feel sluggish which decreases our mental acuity as some studies are showing. In order to maintain steady blood sugar levels we need to eat low glycemic carbs like vegetables, brown rice rice, and sweet potatoes while also getting enough fiber. Insoluble fiber is an indigestible form of carbohydrate that slows the digestion process and therefore helps keep blood levels stable.

Eating The Right Types of Fat is Important

Unlike carbohydrates fats and proteins are essentially needed for survival which means not consuming them at all can have far more negative effects on our body, including in our brains which is made of 60% fat. Getting the correct forms of fat inour diet is vitally important as essential fats have positive effects, while other types such as trans fats have been shown to hurt brain function in some studies. Saturated fats from plant sources such as coconut oil also have a positive effect on our brain. The effects of animals fats in the human is a hotly contested debate and could depend on which animal we are eating at the time.

Getting Protein is Vital For Our Brains

Most neurotransmitters in our brain are made of amino acids which come from the protein that we eat. When we eat protein our body breaks these nutrients down  intoamino acids.  L-Tyrosine and L-Phenylalanine are amino acids that eventually convert into key neurotransmitters known as catecholamines such as dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. Another amino acid in L-Tryptophan that converts into the brain chemical known as serotonin which is responsible in part for learning, memory, and the way we perceive the world.

Exercising is an Underrated Alternative to Adderall


physical activity

When we exercise our brain releases various hormones in our body including dopamine and endorphins. This release of hormones can help regulate our ability to help pay attention as recent studies are showing. In fact the studies specifically looked at focus abilities in both children with and without ADHD.

Interestingly, 20 minutes of exercise helped improve both the children who had ADHD and the children who did not. Their improved attention skills also translated in increases in their ability to read and do math problems as well. This means that exercise will most likely also have these positive effects for adults who partake in these activities.

Proper Rest is An Overlooked Adderall Alternative

Getting proper rest is not always possible, but if we do not get the proper amount of rest needed we can expect to have a decrease in our brain power, ability to focus, and feel depressed. While taking over the counter and prescription stimulants can give someone a temporary boost, longterm this strategy can lead to unwanted side effects such as tiredness, anxiety, and an increase in the stress hormone cortisol which can weaken our immune system.

Studies show that people who are rested have higher levels of dopamine as compared to those that are tired. Dopamine is well known as the neurotransmitter that is most boosted by the prescription medication Adderall which is associated with increased levels of focus, concentration, learning, and motivation. Although Adderall is immensely powerful at boosting dopamine it shouldn’t be looked at as a long term solution as it is an addictive drug. Taking powerful stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin on a daily basis can lead to a state where the user needs more of the drug in order to get the same level of focus. (It is important to note that some people take ADHD medications for the opposite reason though as they already produce an excess amount of dopamine and taking Adderall actually gives the opposite effect of reducing the overabundance of dopamine in the brain)

Tips for Getting More Rest


Getting Better Sleep at Night

Once we fall asleep our breathing can be obstructed in various ways which can effect the restfulness we feel the next day. Getting tested for sleep apnea, if we suspect that we are suffering from this condition, is one way we can be sure to get a better nights sleep. Sleep Apnea is a condition where someone unknowingly stops breathing for short periods whilethey sleep. Another condition that can harm our breathing is a deviated septum which is a blockage in our nose that restricts proper breathing. By being aware of these issues we can then address them to improve our night time breathing which will make us feel more awake, alert, and focused the next day.

Don’t Consume Stimulants Too Late

Cutting off any prescription and non prescription stimulants by 3pm is an important tactic in order for us to be able to fall asleep at a reasonable time. The half life of caffeine for example is 6 hours which means after 6 hours you still have 50% of that drug still active in your body which would make it hard for us to fall asleep on time.

Take Naps

Because of the hectic schedules that many of us lead getting the proper amount of sleep at night can be difficult. Whether sleeping in our car during our shift break at work or taking a nap mid day after working from a home office, taking a nap is valuable tool to help us feel energized and focused. In fact studies actually back this up showing that napping boosts cognitive performance. These studies also found that:

  1. People Who Took Naps On A Regular Basis Get Better Results
  2. The Longer You Have Been Awake The Longer The Nap YouNeed
  3. Early Afternoon is the Best Time to Take a Nap

Natural Alternatives to Adderall Really do Work

For some people drugs like Adderall are the only way to increase energy, boost focus, and improve their ADHD symptoms. These methods mentioned though have studies showing their effectiveness and with the large demand to attain Adderall illegally it may be a better option than taking a physically dangerous and addictive stimulant drug. These natural adderall alternatives are available to anyone and are worth a try if you feel the need increase the power of your brain through improved attention, memory, concentration, and learning.

What are Diet Pills Like Adderall Over the Counter that I can Buy?

diet pills like adderall

People want diet pills like Adderall because they offer results for weight loss that everyone knows works because of their strong stimulant, thermogenic, and appetite suppressing effects.

This medication though is dangerous and not legal though which is why people look for safer natural diet pills that work to help them burn body fat and achieve better workouts. Luckily there are powerful herbal stimulant stacks which can act as an OTC version of this drug to help people get the weight loss results they want.
diet pills like adderall

When Did People Start Taking Adderall For Weight Loss?

Originally this diet drug actually wasn’t even named Adderall and instead was named Obetrol. Obetrol like the newer version was a mix of different types of speed pills (amphetamines) with the big difference being the strength of the drug as Obetrol was a super powered version that contained different types of meth amphetamines as opposed to regular non methylated amphetamines. This obviously was a bit dangerous which is why Obetrol was eventually taken off the market and declared a Desi drug which is a classification for drugs that are dangerous or have a tendency to be addictive.

Which Natural Diet Pills Comparable to Adderall Over the Counter can I Buy Now For Weight loss?

Addrena is your best bet as this natural diet pill gives energy for cardio workouts, has thermogenic properties for burning fat, and appetite suppressing effects from powerful herbal ingredients. These are the same functions by which Adderall helps someone lose fat, the one major difference being that one is an herbal supplement and the other one is synthetic.

weight loss pills similar to drugs

Addrena Has Effects Similar To Adderall Because of Three Effects

Raises Your Body Temperature Enabling the Burning of Body Fat

Through a process named thermogenesis our body can become heated up from the stimulants we take causing us to actually burn off body fat. Many people take prescription drugs either legally or illegally for this very purpose. A more natural way to get these effects are from an over the counter herbal stack that contains supplements like Bitter Orange, Yohimbe, ALCAR, and Acetyl-L-Tyrosine like Addrena does.

Appetite suppression is an important factor for diet pills

For the best diet pill to successfully curb hunger it must increase the amount of a hormone named leptin in our brain. Herbal stimulants like Bitter Orange are known to help with suppressing appetite because the natural chemical synephrine in Bitter Orange has this leptin increasing effect in our brain. Prescription drugs can have an extremely powerful appetite suppressing effect that can actually be too overpowering for some people where they cannot eat at all, this ends up slowing down their metabolism making them possibly gain weight quickly if they stop taking the prescription drug.

Boosts of Energy Which Enhance Weight Loss From Better Cardio Sessions

Some people take prescription drugs as a workout supplement, and even though this is not a healthy or suggested way to get better workouts it can be effective. A more natural and healthy way to achieve an increase of the hormone adrenaline in our brain would be through herbal stimulants which have a similar effect. Products like Addrena and now banned ephedrine are great examples of ways to get a boost energy to enhance our workouts for fat burning as a natural pill like Adderall.

Addrena are Natural Diet Pills Similar to Adderall Over the Counter

The best OTC supplement you can take which takes advantage of powerful vitamins, herbal stimulants, and nootropics is a product named Addrena because it is the only energy boosting focus enhancer with enough ingredients at the proper dosages to speed productivity in a herbal way. Because pills such as ephedra and Oxy Elite Pro are not able to be purchased, this is your best bet to buy.
Closest Natural Form of Adderall OTC

All Natural Foods That work Like Adderall? | Nutritional Alternatives to Adderall

 Have you ever wondered what natural foods act like Adderall? Changing what we eat can be some of the most healthy and best natural over the counter Adderall alternatives we can find.similar to Adderall OTC

Without food our brain is in a deficit of the vital vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly actually shrinking down in size and becoming less efficient in it’s abilities affecting our overall intelligence. Not surprisingly different types of foods have a varying affect on brain function and our overall intelligence. These foods aren’t exactly a natural form of Adderall, but they can help you and only have health benefits as opposed to being dangerous.

So Do Carbs Help Our Brain?

Glucose (a carbohydrate) is the main fuel source for our brain making its consumption beneficial to our brain functioning. Consuming carbs also helps shuttle vital nutrients like tryptophan into our brain helping it produce the powerful neurotransmitters that can help boost our cognitive abilities. The type of carbohydrates we consume though has an effect on our blood sugar levels and therefore impacts how efficiently our brain operates. Foods don’t work exactly like Adderall, but in some ways they do share some similarities in the way it improves our intelligence and overall productivity.

Fasting Acting Carbohydrates

Some foods people assume only help brain function like sugars may actually negatively effect how well our brain operates. Highly glycemic carbohydrates like simple sugars can cause spikes in our insulin levels which can have detrimental effects on our ability to focus and concentrate which are characteristics we often attribute to how smart someone is. These spikes in insulin caused by simple sugars also causes our energy levels to fluctuate which further negatively effects how well we perform at different tasks. To compound this issue these fast acting carbs negatively affect the region of our brain that controls cravings which induces a further consumption on these sugars spiking insulin levels even more. Some examples of fast acting carbohydrates are found in foods such as fruits, candy, and various processed foods.

Slow Acting Carbohydrates

We can combat these insulin spikes by eating a diet that includes low glycemic carbohydrate foods and supplements that are high in fiber. Insoluble fiber helps us keep stable blood sugar levels because it slows the digestion of the food in our stomach. By giving similar to Adderall OTC but herbalour bodies low glycemic carbs we maintain a steady blood sugar level which has been shown to help cognitive functioning. Examples of slow acting carbs are are found in natural foods such as brown rice, oatmeal, green vegetables, and nuts.

Do we have to eat carbs for our brain to function?

The answer to this may actually surprise you, because our body can maintain intelligence without carbohydrates. Because carbohydrates are not essential to life we actually don’t need them for survival as this has been shown in Inuit people (Eskimos) who survive almost totally by diets rich in protein and fat . The reason carbs are not essential nutrients is because of the fact that our brains can manufacture glucose from protein in a process known as gluconeogenesis. One warning I will make is that if you all of a sudden cut out carbohydrates it can indeed lead to a loss of focus and energy levels as going into a ketogenic state where our bodies change fuel sources from carbs to fats takes a few days until we are adjusted to our new energy source. For the average person a ketogenic diet is not realistic, they should instead eat carbohydrate from low glycemic sources.

We’re All a Bunch of Fatheads

Although fats don’t make up the actual signaling function in our brain cells they do make up 60% of the solid matter that makes up our brains total mass. It is important to mention though that not all fats have the same effect on our brains. Without fats in our diet there is no way we will be eating foods that work like Adderall to improve our brain functioning. Because fats play such an important function is possibly improving brain function and helping ADHD, it is one of the closest things to Adderall over the counter. They of course are not powerful stimulants or dopamine producers like that medication, but they may still be able to help our brain functioning.

Trans Fats are for Dumb People

There are numerous studies now showing that trans fat has negative effects on our brain and can impair our cognitive function. This is most directly shown in this study that says trans fats decrease the levels of docosahexaenoic acid which is an omega-3 fatty acid absolutely necessary for brain function. Studies also show that docosahexaenoic acid is directly linked to the development of a person’s IQ as DHA is considered the secret ingredient in a mother’s breast milk that makes it so powerful. This means that if you are eating foods such as microwave popcorn, fried foods, and commercially baked goods they could be making you less intelligent in the longterm. Most people are unaware that there is indeed a healthful form of trans fats in the omega-7’s fatty acids which can be found in more healthful foods like macadamia nuts.

Saturated Fats Can Have Either a Positive or Negative Effect

Most people know that there are dangers associated from from saturated fats, but most do not know that they can negatively effect brain function. Because we get our saturated fats from two different sources with some from animals and some found from plants, depending on the source of these saturated fats can possibly determine whether we have a positive or negative effect on our brain. There is disagreement in the scientific community as to the effects of saturated fats at times, but in general it is considered better to get saturated fats from plant sources than animals. Examples of saturated fats that may negatively effect our intelligence are most animal products, cheese, and hydrogenated cooking oils like cottonseed and palm oil. 

But Other Saturated Fats Can Help Our Brain

Adderall substitute natural pillsThere are different types of saturated fats with one in lauric acid only being found in food in large amounts from coconuts. Coconut oil fats have been shown to reduce the amount of a toxic peptide in our brain that can impair brain function by the name of Beta Amyloid. What is truly amazing about the lauric acid in coconut oil is that it was shown to improve brain functioning with just a single dose.

Essential fats

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the powerful effects that essential fats can have as they positively effect our heart health, skin health, brain functioning, and much more. Are there benefits to both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in our diet? Remember that most people’s diets are deficit in omega-3’s as omega-6’s are readily found in various foods including unhealthy ones like the processed variety.

Omega-3 Fats

Intaking omega-3 fats found from ocean sources have been shown in studies to improve brain function in participants doing various tasks. Omega-3’s have also been shown to benefit cognitive functioning that is being negatively effected by sugars. This means if in general you have been overdoing it a bit with the amount of fruit you have been eating but have also been eating enough fish, shellfish, or even just have been taking an omega-3 supplement you may be reversing the dumbing down effect of sugar. This is because without these essential nutrients provided our neurons in our brain seem to function at a decreased level of productivity. Other sources of omega-3 fats are found in natural foods such as avocados and various nuts like macadamias, walnuts, and pecans.

Omega-6 Fats

Omega-6 fats are not directly involved in brain function in the way that omega-3’s fatty acids are, but that does not mean that they do not have an effect at all. In fact research shows that in the brain and in the entire body if we do not have the proper ratio between between omega-3’s and omega’s 6 fats our brain function is negatively affected. Most people in the American diet easily receive enough omega-6 fats unfortunately because they are contained in many processed foods and oils. The omega-6 fats by the name of GLA (Gamma-Lineolic Acid) are the only type of fat that has shown some type of real promise in terms of possibly helping cognitive function as it has been looked into for people with ADHD. Unfortunately getting this omega-6 fat from our diet is very difficult as it is found in very few food sources such as hemp oil. Because omega-6’s are more easily found in people’s diets and have less importance in boosting intelligence they should not be given the same level focus that omega-3 fats are given.

Protein Is Important For More Than Just Muscles

Protein is an essential nutrient meaning that if our bodies are deficient in it it negatively affects our body and specifically in this case our intelligence. The protein we eat that are made up of the aromatic and acidic amino acids are considered to have beneficial effects on intelligence levels. Without these amino acids we are not eating natural foods that work like Adderall to help us improve our cognitive functioning.

Tyrosine & Phenylalanine

Getting tyrosine and phenylalanine into our diet can improve how well our brain functions because tyrosine eventually breaks down into the neurotransmitters known as the catecholamines which include dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. These neurotransmitters are thought to be directly related to how smart we are in terms of the grades we receive in school as well as being a reason why some people develop ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Tyrosine and phenylalanine are found in natural foodsOver the counter Adderall natural such as chicken, turkey, fish, peanuts, almonds, eggs, and soy.


Tryptophan is a valuable amino acid to have in our diet because without it our body cannot make serotonin. Serotonin has many functions in our body helping control various different functions including having an affect on our memory and ability to learn. Researchers are now finding that serotonin also appears to have an affect on people with ADHD. The different side effects of ADHD may be related to which neurotransmitter is not working efficiently for the person having issues. ADHD again stands for Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder, and in the case of serotonin it is now thought by some to be the reason why certain people with ADHD specifically have issues with hyperactivity. Tryptophan is found in natural foods such as pork, soy, fish, and turkey.

Drink Water and Stay Hydrated if You Want to Be Smart!

Studies show that people who were dehydrated performed less successfully than hydrated people in tests that measured their cognition levels. One interesting discovery found in some studies is that even being dehydrated on a level can still negatively effect brain functioning. Many people look for natural foods that act like Adderall, and although these foods may not have the stimulating effects that drugs have they can still give us a healthful improvement in cognitive function. We hope these natural substitutes in this blog can help enhance your life so you can have the mental clarity you need to be successful.

Foods Like Adderall


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What Foods Make You Smarter? Natural Foods that Work Like Adderall from Melody Gramer



Should Pro Video Gamers Be Drug Tested for Adderall?

It is well known that athletes in the college, professional, and Olympic ranks are tested for performance enhancing drugs such as stimulants like Adderall and muscle boosting drugs like anabolic steroids.Video games drug testing humor

These athletes are tested because drugs offer what is considered an unfair advantage over other competitors. Gamers take these risks even though there are many possible side effects up to and including death.

Gaming officials are now announced drug testing guidelines to help stem the recent abuse in this form of competitive gaming. Unlike with other sports the use of drugs like steroids are different than the use of medications like Adderall because competitors usually aren’t allowed to be prescribed anabolic steroids.

Is it fair that Gamers with a Prescription can Use Adderall?

Unlike with steroids, competitors in sports competitions can get a prescription for Adderall from their doctor and still compete. Because many gamers will most likely get an exception it will make people wonder if certain gamers are achieving a competitive advantage or not.

Many of these gamers probably already do have prescriptions and because of the way ADHD is diagnosed it could mean that some people who don’t have ADHD may get their hands on it.

Adderall gamers cheatingOther sports are a great way to see how the gaming officials will police this sort of behavior. Major League Baseball players such as Chris Davis are examples of people who were given special exemptions to take Adderall.

The integrity of gaming seems to come down to the future decisions by the governing bodies of video gaming which puts pressure on them to make the right decisions. If gamers cannot use this drug it is expected that they will also be tested for illegal stimulants such as meth and cocaine as well.

With the advent of new substances hitting the market gamers will inevitably try new stimulant drugs and other ways to increase their focus that are safer options like over the counter nootropic supplements.

What Will be the Repercussions if Drug Testing isn’t Implemented?

Once it is known that one competitor or student is using a stimulant drug it puts pressure on other gamers to also improve their performance. This in essence creates an unhealthy environment where everyone feels compelled to use drugs in order to achieve results at the highest level.

With drug use comes complications to the reputation to the sport, social issues for those using the medications from addiction, and unwanted health problems up to and including death.

There is a strong argument for the policing of this type of behavior as it will inevitably lead to these various issues.

Health Issues Attributed to Prescription Stimulants

Common side effects of Adderall include:

Adderall side effects prescription stimulants
• Nervousness
• Dizziness
• Restlessness
• Headache
• Stomachache
• Decreased appetite
• Trouble sleeping
• Dry mouth
• Nausea
• Weight loss
• Constipation or diarrhea
• Loss of interest in sex

These Medications Can Cause Addiction Issues from Increased Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for the pleasure anDopamine Facts information effectsd reward
functions in our brain.

Drugs like Adderall and Ritalin boost this brain chemical making the user have multiple effects including boosted mental capabilities which is why people with ADHD can be prescribed this drug.

It is now commonly thought that people with ADHD actually have an over abundance of dopamine  which causes their brain to be overstimulated with neurotransmitters negatively effecting their ability to focus.

While it sounds counterintuitive for someone with ADHD to take a drug that boosts dopamine these ADHD medications may actually have the opposite effect on people with excess dopamine as it helps calm their mind from the improved signaling of their neurotransmitters.

Gaming itself is now well known for it’s addictive tendencies as users of games experience an increase in the amount of dopamine in their brain.

Because both Adderall and gaming effect the amount of dopamine in someone’s brain it may make gamers who are already addicted to gaming more likely to become addicts of prescription stimulant drugs such as Adderall and Ritalin.

Are There Any Gamers Known to Have taken Drugs to Improve Performance?

Professional gamer Kory Friesen from Canada recently admitted that he and his whole team were on Adderall when they won a recent gaming event where they played a game named “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”

His exact quote was, ” I don’t even care. We were all on Adderall. I don’t even give a fuck. It was pretty obvious, like, if you listen to the comms. People can hate it or whatever.”

At one point he also says, “That’s how you’re good.” This is pretty much imploring the younger generation that in order to be successful at gaming one must take these powerful stimulant drugs.
This sets a terrible precedent for the younger generation which is another reason why some are calling for testing of all competitors going forward.

Should Gamers Be Allowed to Take Non-Prescription Stimulants?

non prescription stimulant supplements
If these competitors are being tested for illegal and prescription medications it begs the question as to whether or not these same people should also be checked for excessive amounts of over the counter stimulants as well.

There is precedence for this to be done already as OTC stimulants are already banned substances by the NCAA and were banned in the Olympics up until 2004.

Once more powerful substances are unable to be taken by competitors the next logical step is for people to take large doses of over the counter stimulants which can also be quite dangerous for the user.

It seems unlikely for now that this measure will be taken, but with abuse and gamers making public statements about their abuse it could also bring new restrictions for what can be taken.

Do You Agree with the Drug Testing Policies Being Put in Place? Do You think Some Gamers will Slip Through the Cracks?

What People Get ADHD and How Common is ADD? | ADHD Infographic

what people get ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a mental illness that has seen an increase in cases in the United States and around the world.

All types of people are susceptible to the different symptoms which include losing focus from side effects such as impulsivity and hyperactivity. This lack of attention can be brought about by both biological and psychological reasons which then need to addressed in the appropriate manner. People who are considered to have a physical problem with their brain because of a natural deficit in the amount of dopamine produced are often given drugs that available over the counter with a prescription like Adderall and Adderall alternatives like Vyvance, Ritalin, and Concerta. When someone’s brain is considered healthy but they still get these symptoms they can be helped by seeing a behavioral therapist who will slowly help them get past these concentration issues.

Children Versus Adults:

11.4% of children aged 11-14 or 1 in 9 children will be diagnosed with ADHD as opposed to adults who have a range closer to 4 or 5 %.

Men Versus Women:

Boys are more than twice as likely as women to get ADD than girls (12.1% to 5.5%).

By Race and Ethnic background:

Black or African American people get ADHD at the highest rate while Hispanic people have the least number of reported cases.

By Family Structure:

Children who don’t have any parents have the highest likelihood of having ADD/ADHD at 15%

Children of single mothers are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at a rate 11.1%

Children of single fathers are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD at a rate of 8.7%

Children with both parents are diagnosed 7.3% of the time.

State with the highest rate of ADHD and the state with the lowest rate of ADHD

The state with the highest rate of ADD/ADHD is Arkansas at 17%

The state with the lowest rate of ADD/ADHD diagnosed is Nevada at 5.6%


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Are There Energy Pills Like Adderall That Work Naturally OTC?

Natural Energy pills that work in a similar way to Adderall for stimulant effects, increased focus, and as a weight loss product are sought after herbal supplements that people want to buy.
Energy Pills Like Adderall Alternatives OTC

Through the ability of herbal substitute stimulants paired with brain boosting nootropic cognitive enhancers we can best achieve a comparable effect like drugs similar to Adderall. In order for us to receive these types of results from an OTC supplement we need to use the legal power that comes from herbs to get the results that we want. Herbal stimulants and nootropic supplements effect numerous different brain chemicals named neurotransmitters which can energize us from stimulating brain chemicals like adrenaline and also increase focus from neurotransmitters like acetylcholine. When we properly stack these supplements we can create natural energy pills like Adderall for enhanced energy and focus to help us speed through tasks.

energy pills like adderall

Over the Counter Stimulants Can be Natural Adderall Substitutes

Replacing a prescription drug like Ritalin over the counter with a herbal alternative can be tough as taking just one type of legal stimulant usually will not be enough to match such powerful effects. By stacking them together it better enables us to get the boost and speed that we are looking for. Most energy pills that are sold legally are not like Adderall as they are often are just large amounts of caffeine, with some products having up to 200mg’s of caffeine alone in them causing people to feel more negative than positive side effects. Caffeine though when stacked with other herbal and over the counter supplements can have strong effects with less side effects than when mega-dosed.
Caffeine helps boost energy production from it’s ability to interfere with the brain chemical named Adenosine. Adenosine makes us feel tired, so by being able to block it’s functioning in our cells we can increase our vitality levels.

Stacking Caffeine with Herbal Stimulants OTC Can Boost Results

Stacking is the process of combining multiple natural or synthetic chemicals in order to produce a combined effect which could not be reached by taking the supplements on their own. Common herbs found over the counter that people like to use to stack with caffeine include Bitter Orange, Yohimbe, and at one time Ephedrine (Ephedra) until it was banned in 2004. Herbs like Guarana and coffee naturally contain caffeine while also containing the stimulants Theophylline and Theobromine. By stacking Guarana with other herbal stimulants instead of just caffeine on it’s own should therefore give more powerful results than just caffeine alone.Bitter Orange Herbal Adderall Substitute No Prescription

Non-Prescription Stimulants Improve Energy from Increased Adrenaline

Adrenaline is both a hormone and neurotransmitter that is also known by the name “epinephrine” which when released causes our body to become stimulated. Along with a similar hormone named Noradrenaline (Norepinephrine) which also enhances energy there is also the neurotransmitter dopamine which doesn’t give us energy but is instead known as the reward hormone; These brain chemicals are known as catecholamines. Catecholamines are naturally made in our bodies when we consume tyrosine which is available in supplements and in foods, Tyrosine though is not a stimulant itself as it is instead a building block of eventual stimulants. For the best possible results when making an OTC supplement stack adding tyrosine may enhance the energy, focus, and learning capabilities and thus could even have the possibility of affecting disorders like ADD/ADHD in a positive way.Closest Thing to Adderall OTC for Energy

Nootropic Brain Supplements Can Enhance Our Focus Even More

Non-Stimulant supplements found over the counter like Tyrosine, Carnitine, Huperzine, Choline, and Vinpocetine are an excellent addition to a stack as they add mental focus benefits. While Tyrosine acts as the building blocks of catecholemines, these other products work to enhance our cholinergenic system by assisting in the creation and health of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine neurons are where our actual focus and attention neurons are housed in our brain meaning that it most likely will help those with ADD/ADHD if they can have both healthy and enough acetylcholine neurons. Studies also show acetylcholine is linked to our ability to learn meaning that it could possibly help college students get better grades. While some supplements like Acetyl-L-Carnitine can help increase the amount of acetylcholine, other supplements like Huperzine help maintain levels of this vitally important neurotransmitter by counteracting an enzyme named acetylcholinesterase which has the negative effect of lowering levels of this beneficial brain chemical.

Energy Pills Similar to Adderall Can Help College Students Study Better

Because taking energy pills like Adderall bought over the counter have a strong herbal stimulant effect and also contain supplements that make our neurotransmitters work more effectively we can get excellent results for studying without the need for a prescription or by illegally obtaining a drug. Whether or not they can also help with ADD/ADHD is unknown and because only drugs can only prescribed for medical issues it is best to leave those decisions to a doctor. Most people in college though do not have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder and instead just want to extend how long they can study while also enhancing how well they can remember things (Memory), how quickly they can respond to stimuli (Attention/Focus), and how easily they can learn new tasks or ideas.

If You Can’t Take Adderall Pills Take the Next Closest Thing Over the Counter for EnergyClosest Things to Adderall Over the Counter

There are OTC products like Adderall and versions which unfortunately don’t have the proper natural supplement ingredients or dosage to help someone feel energized with a heightened sense of focus. The only supplement that would be comparable without a prescription would be Addrena, other products are inferior on the market because they don’t work as they either don’t contain the correct stimulants or do not contain enough milligrams to be highly effective. Another thing to look out for when buying a natural Adderall alternative is that serving size as well, some cheaper companies will charge you the full price but only give you half the number of servings. There is nothing better than herbal substitute pills to help you enhance your studying, just be sure to pick the right one and enjoy the natural benefits that you want.


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